Plumose Anemones and fun diving

Today we travelled West to dive the rich waters of Scotland’s West Coast taking a look at Plumose Anemones.

What Are They?

Plumose Anemone
Branching out

Well they are animals.  In the picture left we can see the Plumose Anemone in full bloom.  It’s tentacles are fully extended showing a feathery Plumose effect.  There are two types of tentacles.  When in full bloom we see the common tentacles which are used for feeding on microscopic food.

The less common tentacles appear when the animal has fully retracted and is under threat from predators.  It uses thread like stinging tentacles to attack predators or other species of Anemone

Pretty Cool Right?

Plumose Anemone
Plumose Anemones


We think so.  Many divers see Plumose Anemones during dives and often swim by paying little or no attention.  They are interesting creatures so stop and take a look next time you see them.  In the above picture we can see three Anemones at different stages.

  • Left is in defence mode.  It feels threatened but not to the point of attack.  During this stage the Anemone will unleash thread like stinging tentacles to overpower the attacker.
  • Centre is either retracting or emerging from defence.
  • Right is in full bloom and feeding on microscopic foods.  The common tentacles also produce a sting.


Plumose Anemone
Plumose Anemone – Dead Men’s Fingers


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