Exciting New Scuba Diving Courses June & July 2017

We are delighted to announce three courses that will be taking place over June and July 2017. The courses encompass those that are new to scuba diving, those wishing to further their skills and our emergency first response course.

Diving Adventures Scotland Confined Water Dive


If you are new to scuba diving and wanted to give it a try then our PADI open water diving course is for you. The course is taken over two week ends and takes four days to complete. Click the link or you can find out more from our courses menu item. If you want to find out when the course takes place, have a look at our courses & excursion diary.


rescue diver Open WaterRESCUE DIVERS COURSE

The rescue divers course is taken over two days. It’s demanding but as we say in the main rescue diver course text, most divers feel it’s one of the best courses around and you learn so much from it. The dates of the course are available to view in our courses & excursion diary.





The second course which takes place in July is our emergency first response course and for anyone serious about scuba diving, it really is something you should seriously consider. No one wants to think about difficuilt situations arising, but it’s better to be prepared for unfortunate scenarios than just leaving things to chance. Again, you can view when this course takes place in our courses & excursion diary as well as get all the facts on what you will learn, location and price.



As always, the courses offered by Diving Adventures Scotland in June & July 2017 follow the PADI system of training and all our instructors are PADI qualified. Please check out our courses menu item to learn about all the courses we provide.


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