Lead Diving Instructor Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson is the founder of Diving Adventures Scotland which was formed in February 2017. Here he tells his journey to snorkel diving.

Chris Ferguson’s diving story

My interest in Scuba Diving took off after a snorkelling trip. I was snorkelling along and was simply overwhelmed with the diversity of marine life that I found myself amongst. I was in the tropical waters of the Caribbean and the life was simply abundant. I could see down below on the sea bed the remains of an old sugar plantation ship. I was fascinated at seeing a real shipwreck just 15 or so metres below me. I tried and tried to swim down for a better look but there was no way I was getting close. I realised that to get down to that wreck, Scuba Diving was the only way.

I had no time left to take part in a PADI Open Water course, it was going to take 4 days and I had only 2 days left of my holiday. When I returned to the UK I set my attention on gaining my PADI Open Water Certification. As soon as I started my Open Water training I became instantly hooked. I have never looked back since except to wish that I discovered Scuba Diving at an earlier age.

Building up experience

Over the next 2-3 years I progressed through Advanced Open Water Course, Master Scuba Diver Certification, Rescue Diver and then went on to Dive Master. I was highly impressed with the club I was part of. It had a lot of professional Instructors and the Course Director guided me every step of the way. I decided in 2009 that it was time to put all my training and experience to the ultimate test; to become a PADI Instructor myself. I had a strong desire to start giving back to students the information I had gained.

PADI & BSAC Instructor certification

I became a Padi Instructor in 2009 then went on to complete Master Scuba Diver Trainer. Reaching the lofty heights of PADI MSDT, I was finally happy with my level of training. I could now focus my attention on giving back first class training of the PADI Syllabus. That’s not all though, in 2016, I also joined the BSAC (Brittish Sub Aqua Club) as an Instructor. So now I am a Multi Agency Instructor. The BSAC method of diver training (similar to PADI), has given me even more experience to help me train others. My education is still developing with boat Handling Course being the latest addition.

Moving on and creating Diving Adventures Scotland

I taught voluntarily for over seven years. I then took a year out to develop a company which led to the birth of Diving Adventures Scotland. We strive to give the best possible tuition within the guidelines set out in the PADI Standards. Not only have you found a great diving team of instructors, you’ve found a company that offers diverse dive trips both home and abroad.

Our team will bring you diving success

During my teachings over the years I have seen many obstacles which have needed to be overcome. My experience is your support mechanism. Both myself and my team of divers are here for youChris Ferguson Diving Adventures Scotland every step of the way. Of all the difficulties we have faced with student divers, we’ve never found any that stopped us in helping others improve. My personal diving takes me to more sites than the standard training sites and tests my abilities further than the run of the mill dive. New sites are visited often with sound planning. For example, drift diving, exploratory diving, wreck diving and scenic too. These trips often include boat trips to far off Scottish locations. You have a highly qualified/experienced team looking after you. When you come diving with Diving Adventures Scotland you will find it a highly addictive activity which we’re sure you’ll want to repeat again and again! Join us today and discover another world.

Chris Ferguson – MSDT, PADI Inst. 651932

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