Dive Master Ben Crichton

Ben Crichton Diving Adventures ScotlandHi, my name is Ben Crichton and I started diving aged 14 in the (only slightly warmer) seas off the south coast of the UK. I did my Open Water and my Advanced certs almost back to back and then took several years diving in various places around the world when I was on family holidays and could persuade my parents to let me go!

Southeast Asia

When I was 19, I went off on my gap year travelling around Southeast Asia. On arriving on Koh Tao in Thailand, my friends decided to do their Open Water and so, I decided that it was a good time to do my Rescue Diver. Once I got back in the water I was fully hooked again so it was an easy decision to join the Divemaster internship when the rest of the group decided to do their Advanced course. I ended up staying on Koh Tao for several months, refining my skills and working with a wide range of instructors and students.

At the same time as doing my Divemaster, I also got interested in Technical diving, completing my Nitrox and Deep specialities as part of my training along with the full run through Technical course. This was a completely new style of diving for me, taking me to (significantly) greater depths and teaching me new safety skills along with decompression procedures.


After spending time at University and then working down in the South West for several years, I moved to Australia. After leaving Australia after a couple of years and doing some brisk dives off the Adelaide coats and of course the obligatory trip to dive the GBR, I travelled towards home, diving some of the best places we could find along the way, such as Koh Chang, Gili Trawangan and Air among others. Finally I ended up in Scotland where I met Chris in a local dive shop and decided to bite the bullet and do my drysuit course.

I’m looking forward to meeting and working with all who are interesting in diving with Diving Adventures Scotland and hope that I can use my experiences to help you enjoy diving as much as I do!

Ben Crichton – DM, PADI 649957

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