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Ever wanted to learn to dive? What are you waiting for! If you’re looking for adventure and to see another world beneath the waves, then join up today! Our beginner scuba diving courses offer PADI certification and we have a growing range of courses to choose from. Check out our Course & Excursion Diary for the latest dates.


Scotland is not only an amazing country on land, it’s shoreline and surrounding sea and ocean offer incredible sights that will astonish you. Diving in Scottish waters offers the opportunity to discover a wealth of diverse animal and plant life as well as sunken shipwrecks and more ensuring your first dive will only be the beginning of your adventure!
PADI scuba diving certification

Certified PADI Dive Training

The PADI scuba diving certification programme is the world’s most popular scuba diving certification system of learning.  All our diving instructors are highly certified and experienced members of PADI. We offer courses from the beginner open water course to other more advanced courses. You can learn about all our diving courses from this link.

All Equipment Provided!

All you need to take our courses is a change of clothes, a towel and yourself! We provide all the equipment that you’ll need to have an amazing time learning and having fun. We even offer free transfers from anywhere within the Edinburgh area. Check out our diving courses information page to learn more about our courses.
Diving Adventures Scotland excursions


As well as offering diving courses, Diving Adventures Scotland regularly undertake diving trips. Our scuba diving tours have ventured to the islands off the west coast of Scotland, to the wartime grave of the German fleet in Scapa Flow at Orkney. Find out about all our courses and current trips by checking out Course & Excursion Diary.
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As mentioned, all our instructors are PADI certified instructors with years of experience behind them. Your safety is our top priority regardless of your experience. No matter whether you’re diving in one of our pool sessions or in the open sea, we’ll be watching every step of the way. Find out more about our diving instructors at this link.
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Diving Adventures Scotland offers students and seasoned scuba divers a range of diving experiences. We train new divers first in the swimming pool. From there, you then progress to shore diving. Once you have proven you have the necessary skills you will then experience diving from boats in the open water. Check out our incredible range of courses.
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The incredible diversity and range of life that awaits you under the sea and ocean that surrounds Scotland is truly amazing. Not only that, you’ll discover and dive around incredible natural underwater structures that have to be seen to be believed. When we say it’s time for you to “discover another world”…we’re not joking. An exciting world awaits…you!


Samantha Emberton
Samantha Emberton

Let me tell you this, you’ll have a blast with Diving Adventures Scotland. I was vacationing from the USA to Scotland and naturally I want to see if I can get a dive in this beautiful country. I contacted Chris, and he got in touch with me very quickly and set up a time to go out on a few dives. We ended up going on 4 dives on two separate days. Chris was fun and charismatic during our travels to the site locations, and we got a good tour of West Scotland! But most importantly for me, I felt incredibly safe, comfortable, and well taken care of. The dives were beautiful, atmosphere welcoming, reliable and fun. I very much highly recommend Diving Adventures Scotland if you’re looking to visit Scotland.

Samantha Emberton
Samantha Emberton
SSI Open Water Diver

Just finished Open Water PADI with Chris & Ian. Very personal training including holding my hand for the whole of the 1st open water dive after I had a wobbly moment on the surface! Would highly recommend…

Padi Open Water Diver Course
Andy & Gillian Doel
PADI Open Water Diver

PPBThrough every part of my training the team at Diving Adventures Scotland have been 2nd to none. They have brought my confidence and ability to a level where I am now doing Padi Speciality courses.  I’ve never had so much fun doing something I’m so passionate about.  If you considering learning to dive or continuing you training, give the guys at Diving Adventures Scotland a call, you won’t be disappointed…



Stuart Moffat
Advanced Open Water Diver

I did my Padi Reactivate Course with Chris at Loch Long and also the Padi Deep Diver Speciality course.  Chris guided me through my skills.  No rushing, it was all done at my own pace and Chris never left my side.  Chris is an amazing chap and a great instructor, kind, patient, understanding, and, best of all, listened to my fears and assured me that all would be ok, he was right.  I can’t wait to head back to Loch Long, I don’t think five stars is enough, totally awesome these guys…

Mo Cairns
Sidemount Diver
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